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This list of email marketing tools, platforms and services is meant to help marketers optimize their email marketing campaigns. Do you have a tool you’d like to see added? Email

– SPF Check (
Check a published SPF record
– SPF & DKIM Check (
Check both SPF & DKIM records

Email List/Data Validation Services
– BriteVerify (
The simple solution to improve email deliverability
– Experian (formerly Leadspend) (
Real Time Email Verification
– Kickbox (
95% deliverability guaranteed
– NeverBounce (
NeverBounce Identifies Invalid Emails, Anywhere

Not sure where to start or looking for a discount? Try Alfred Knows.

Image Personalization
– Image Whizz (
Boost your e-mail response rate by adding personalized images.

List Building Services
– Bounce Exchange (
Helps extract opt-ins from potential customers.
– Janrain (
Get a better picture of your site visitors. Turn anonymous guest visitors into active users.
– Opt-Intelligence (
Automated acquisition. Generate new email leads and grow subscriber lists.

Mobile Optimization
– Mobile Subject Line Preview Tool (
View how your subject line will display in a variety of mobile platforms.

Return on Investment (ROI)
– Email Marketing ROI Calculator (
Calculate your email marketing Return On Investment
– Email ROI Calculator (
Test different scenarios to see the results.

Social Media
– Email Social Sharing Link Builder (
Quickly create sharing links to use in email campaigns.

Subject Line Optimization
– Headline Analyzer (
Blog post headline analyzer but also great for subject line insight
– Phrasee (
Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate and optimise your email subject lines.
– (
Use their free rating tool to evaluate your subject line.
– Touchstone (
Real results for your subject line test – instantly

– Email on Acid (
Tools that simplify email testing and analytics.
– Litmus (
Build, test, and monitor your emails with Litmus.

– Character/Letter Count (
– Spell Check (

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